Sweet! You found All Public Art, the best place to discover art and amazing artists around the world. On this new groovy website you can find street art, studio art, public art and tons of creativity. It’s also a wicked photo-sharing and art trading platform designed for artists, businesses, and art organizations to trade art. 

ALL PUBLIC ART uses the power of blockchain as a regulatory function. Our mission is part of a movement in technology called ‘regtech’ — the application of technology to the traditional regulatory functions of auditing, compliance, and market surveillance. The regulation of trade in the art market today can be replaced by blockchain's ability to guarantee the validity of a transaction while confirming that the ownership of artwork and the identity records of artists are accurate and remain unaltered. 


For press inquiries, please contact:

Tineke Zwart


1055 West 7th Street 33rd Floor 90017 Los Angeles, CA US